Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stopping for Sunsets

My first stop is the island of Oahu.  Let me share with you my favorite Hawaiian daily ritual of always stopping for sunsets.  My first night in Hawaii and of course I stopped to watch a beautiful sunset on Waikiki Beach. Always stop for sunsets!

Sunset, Hawaiian Style

As I watch the sunset in Hawaii, I am reminded again that this is a quiet time of completion, reflection and pause. This is my favorite Hawaiian daily ritual for everyone to experience. Each day, there is anticipation as the sun gently lowers towards the ocean. People gather and plan where they will be to watch the sunset.
As I watch, I pause and ponder the sacredness of this place and this moment. There is a stillness and quiet hush as all onlookers watch and wait for the sun to disappear. In this brief moment, I believe we are lifted beyond our individual lives to contemplate the bigger picture and to consider how we are all connected. There is knowledge in this stillness as we all participate in the celebration of the day’s end. Never miss a sunset. One happens every day.

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